Blog: Max Dawson
October 15, 2015
JANUARY: A busy time for me. Most of the family decided to read me through this year. They kept me busy for the first two weeks, but they have forgotten me now.
FEBRUARY: Clean-up time. I was dusted yesterday and put in my place. My owner did use me for a few minutes last week. He had been in an argument and was looking up some references to prove he was right.
MARCH: Had a busy day first of the month. My owner was elected president of the PTA and used some verses from Proverbs to prepare a speech.
APRIL: Grandpa visited us this month. He kept me on his lap for an hour reading the book of First Corinthians. He seems to think more of me than do some people in my own household.
MAY: I have a few green stains on me–spring flowers pressed in my pages.
JUNE: I look like a scrapbook. They have stuffed me full of newspaper clippings; one of the girls was married.
JULY: They put me in a suitcase today. I guess we are off on vacation. I wish I could stay home; I know I’ll be closed up in this thing for at least two weeks.
AUGUST: Still in the suitcase.
SEPTEMBER: Back home at last and in my old familiar place. I have a lot of company. Two women’s magazines and four comic books are stacked on top of me. I wish I could be read as much as they are.
OCTOBER: They read me a little bit today. One of them is very sick. Right now I am sitting in the center of the coffee table. I think the preacher is coming by for a visit.
NOVEMBER: Back in my old place. Somebody asked today if I was a scrapbook.
DECEMBER: The family is busy getting ready for the holidays. I guess I’ll be covered up under wrapping paper and packages again … just as I am every Christmas.
–Adapted from an Unknown Author


Did any of the things listed above in the various months strike you in particular? I think April is the one I thought most about. It was grandpa reading the Bible for an hour.

Is that what we have done? I mean, Bible reading is mostly for old folks? And our current generation and the younger generation just don’t have the time or see the need for the Bible?

I will say no more. But only ask you about what you are doing with your Bible. Are you reading it regularly or not?

Blessings to you, Bible reader!