Blog: Max Dawson
June 22, 2017
In our last look at leadership we saw a contrast between King Saul and King David. One of these men was successful. The other was not. You know which is which.
While David was successful as the leader of his nation, there were a number of factors that might have limited him.
Here are some things that might have held David back from being a great leader.
His Family: His older brothers certainly did not consider him to be a leader. They regarded him as a pest (). His family would have excluded him from the army of Israel. They even mocked him as a young man. David could have withdrawn into a shell of self-pity. But he did not.
His Background: This young man came from the sheepfold. He was raised as a shepherd boy. When I think of Alexander the Great, I recall that he came from a family background of great leaders. His father was Philip II of Macedon. But David had no such advantage. He did not come from a line of kings or captains.
His Youth and Inexperience: Up until the time he was chosen he had only led sheep. He was still quite young. Yet, he had demonstrated a shepherd’s heart (a leader’s heart) in protecting his sheep from the lion and the bear ().
His Example: Saul was the only example of kingship displayed before young David. Would David follow in his footsteps? He would not. He had already learned that Saul was a poor leader and that he cowered before the Philistines ().
In spite of these potential limitations, David became a great leader in Israel. We have noted in a previous blog that David’s dedication to God was a powerful factor in making him the great king that he was.
What about you? Are there things that could potentially limit your ability to lead? One of the great needs in the kingdom of God today is for sound, solid leaders. Yet, too many make excuses and talk about their limitations.
I suppose when David went out to meet Goliath (as in the references above) he could have talked about his limitations. Had he put emphasis on those things, he might never have faced the Philistine giant. Instead, he talked about faith and trust in God. He believed God would give him victory. And He did.
Think about your leadership potential. Will you be hindered by what you think are limitations? Or will you rise above those factors and be all that you can be before God?
God is looking for leaders. He always has. The kingdom of God needs leaders in evangelism, in service to needy brethren, in teaching the saved…the list is long. Leadership isn’t just for elders. It is for anyone who is willing to step out and step up to the challenge.
Blessings to you, my dear friends,

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