Blog: Max Dawson
July 7, 2016

My first trip there was in 1982. I didn’t really know what to expect–except that we had been told there were dinosaur tracks in the river bed there.
The prospect of getting to see actual dino tracks was enough to get my attention. I have been back there more than ten times since that first trip 30+ years ago.Some of the tracks there are so fresh looking that you would think they could have been made yesterday. But they were not.
Other tracks that were highly detailed back in the 1980s have been all but destroyed because of erosion. The continual flow of the Paluxy River over the tracks has worn many of them to the point where they are no longer recognizable. Add to that, the fact that some of the tracks are on ledges (out of the water), and can be stepped on–causing even more damage.
In spite of erosion and breaking of tracks, there is still a large number of very well preserved tracks from three types of dinosaurs. Some tracks are very small, measuring no more than 6-8 inches across. Others measure more than two feet across.
Sometimes the tracks are found in a very clear left-right-left-right pattern. Trails like this are found in at least three or four places in the river.
The question that often arises is this: “Did men and dinosaurs live at the same time.” If there are human tracks mixed among the dinosaur tracks, then that question is forever settled. Are there human tracks in the Paluxy River? I believe there are. But that is one of the controversies that continues. The official position of the government is that there are no such tracks.Whether there is sufficient evidence at the park to prove the presence of human tracks, I will leave up to you. However, the Bible evidence for man and dinosaurs living at the same time is very powerful.


There is a trip planned for two weeks from today (July 21) to make another visit to the park. It is located just outside of Glen Rose, Texas, about 40 miles southwest of Fort Worth.Several of us are staying at the Comfort Inn and Suites located in Glen Rose. We will arrive there on Thursday afternoon (July 21) and check out on Saturday morning, (July 23). There are several other hotels available in Glen Rose. If you should choose to go, you are responsible for making your own arrangements for a hotel.I will make a slide presentation on Thursday evening at Comfort Inn to prepare for our all-day stay at the park on Friday.
We will also visit a couple of unique restaurants and museums.
If you are interested in tagging along as part of this special event, you can email me at md1944@aol.com.

Blessings to you my friends,