Time Ref
Time Ref
100:02:05Praise The Lord2000:59:07Christ Returneth
200:06:45Alleluia2101:02:10We’re Marching To Zion
300:09:39Jesus, Let Us Come To Know You2201:05:50O Magnify My Master
400:11:50May This My Glory Be2301:08:30Wonderful Love Of Jesus
500:15:48We Wil Glorify2401:10:44Lamb Of God
600:17:52My Eyes Have Seen your Glory2501:15:37I Need Thee Every Hour
700:21:10Glorify Thy Name2601:29:45Savior And Friend
800:24:02The Greatest Commandments270120:55Thomas’ Song
900:27:22I Sing The Mighty Power of God280123:48More Like You
1000:29:35Theres Is A Redeemer2901:26:58How Long Till The Morning?
1100:32:25Let The Whole Creation Cry3001:29:48Healing In Its Wings
1200:35:00The Lord Is My Light3101:32:40Lord, Stand By Me
1300:38:30Saints, Lift Your Voices3201:36:22Blesed Life
1400:40:55On Zion’s Glorious Summit3301:38:55Hear Me, When I Call
1500:44:25Heavenly Sunlight3401:41:45I Will Call Upon The Lord
1600:46:47How Deep The Father’s Love3501:44:00I Close My Eyes
1700:50:34I Am The Way3601:47:52You Are My All In All
1800:53:00In Christ Alone3701:54:15To The Lamb
1900:56:48Christ Lives In Me3801:56:05Our God, He Is Alive