Harvey Flood Relief

A number of brethren have asked about the storm damage done among members of the Dowlen Road church in Beaumont, TX. Several churches and individuals have asked how they might help. Here is an update.

The needs among the brethren here are very great. We have identified at least 33 families that are flooded out of their homes. Some have 6-8 feet of water inside. Many vehicles have also been lost. 

Most of the vehicles should have help from insurance. The houses, however, are a different story. All the houses at Pinewood and Bevil Oaks neighborhoods are flooded. That has happened before. I believe the brethren who live there have flood insurance. However, many of the homes in our area have no flood insurance, because it was not thought to be needed. These are areas that have never flooded, even in the worst of times. This flood has gone well beyond the worst of times. That’s the result of 50 inches of rain.

Our church building is dry. We have food and water. Our greatest need will be funds for rebuilding after the water goes down. The devastation is massive and far beyond anything our congregation can handle financially. Our congregation, of course, will assist the needy saints, but as with every church, our resources are limited.

Also, most of our people have been out of work for more than a week, and may continue to be out for another week or more. For some, that will mean no paycheck. That will hurt our contribution even further, thus weakening our ability to meet the crisis.

It will be at least several more days before we can get into the flooded areas. Some of the rivers crested Saturday. There is the possibility that a few more homes may yet be flooded.

For donations to Dowlen Road church for Harvey Flood Relief of affected members use

Or mail checks to:

Dowlen Road Church of Christ
3060 Dowlen Road
Beaumont, TX 77706
Attn: Harvey Flood Relief

Whatever any church chooses to send us, rest assured that the funds will be wisely used. All funds received from churches will be used to assist needy saints.