Max Dawson
September 14, 2015
An incident took place at the end of our worship yesterday morning. One of our elderly sisters became ill. She was standing up and became weak and wobbly. She was ready to faint. One of our young men (about 25 years old) standing by her caught her and helped her sit down. He thought she might be diabetic and was low on sugar, so he gave her some mints. The mints didn’t make any difference. She told the young man, “I’m OK. I just need to rest a minute.”

Others saw that she was not OK. She had become very pale and could hardly hold her head up. One of the ladies brought a damp cloth and put in on the back of her neck. That seemed to help a little, but she was still too weak to stand. It was suggested that she needed to be taken to the emergency room. It was feared that she might be having a stroke. A man and woman helped her into a wheelchair. Both of them had medical experience.

As they wheeled her toward the waiting car, a number of people asked if they could assist her in some way. The folks helped her into the car. They took her pulse and reassured her that they thought she was going to be OK. She kept insisting that she just needed a few more minutes to rest. She was not eager to go to the ER.

Someone prayed with her moments before the car drove off to St. Elizabeth.

However, just before the car left, she reminded us that we had failed to mention another sister on the prayer list in our closing announcements.

Why would she do that? She was in distress herself, why was she worried about someone else? She was sick. It was time to think about herself, not someone else. But she did think about someone else. Why?


The answer to the “why” question above is not so hard to understand if you realize that this sister’s life has been touched by the Lord Jesus. Philippians 2:4-5 says:

“Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others. Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.”
This sister is always thinking about other people. She has the same mind Jesus had. That’s just part of her nature in Christ. Jesus is the model she follows. Jesus was not concerned merely for his own interests. When He went to the cross He was taking care of the interests of others. He was seeing to our need.

Because this sister thinks like Jesus, even as she was being taken to the ER, she asked us to remember another sister in prayer.

Her heart has been permanently touched and changed by the Lord Jesus.

May we all have such a heart!


P.S. The sister is doing better today. There was no stroke, but a recurring infection that can be treated with antibiotics.