We execute our mission through EVANGELISM (seeking the lost) which encompasses both public and private teaching, here locally, nationally and internationally (see Evangelism).

In addition to our evangelism, a major source of “nurturing, edifying and equipping” is found in our Bible classes for all ages. A special area of “nurturing, edifying and equipping” is with our YOUTH. They have special needs and require special care; after all, they are special gifts from God. These pages cover the works, activities and scheduled classes and devotions for our young people.

Not only are we charged by God to teach others, but we are also to provide for the future teachers of His Word. We regulary conduct training sessions for our teachers and we encourage young men in the preparation for becoming full-time evangelists. We have successfully trained eight men for the work of evangelism through our EVANGELIST-IN-TRAINING program. Siix of those are currently engaged as full-time evangelists in various parts of the US and abroad.  Those trained in this program include:

David Raif, Evangelist, Philadelphia, PA
Matthew Bassford, Evangelist, Joliet, IL
Shawn Jeffries, Evangelist, Columbia, TN
Todd Banning, Houston, TX
Reuben Ede, Evangelist, Dowlen Road Church of Christ, Beaumont, TX
Jonathan Banning, Evangelist, Temple Terrace, Florida
Benjamin Lee, Evangelist, Lewisville, TX
Greg Kline, Orlando, FL

to see some of their efforts while in our program.