Preacher Training Blog: Week 11

                This past week was a good one.  I am working with our college students as we prepare to begin meeting on the Lamar University campus. Lamar University is a four year school and is located here in Beaumont.  We are calling our group Lights at Lamar. We will begin our Bible studies on September 24th and will meet every other Thursday for a Bible study.  There is a welcome day on campus this Thursday, where organizations can pass out information. We will be passing out a Bible bookmark that we created, fliers, and Bibles for the students. This is going to be a great opportunity to win souls for Jesus. Our college students have done a great job in making this possible.  We are confident that this will be the beginning of something great.

                Time is flying by fast in the preacher program. I am preparing for my next class that I will be teaching in a few months. It will be a study on the book of Psalms. This will definitely be an exciting course.

                Nikki and I have begun to get more serious with our health. We have a sister in church who is a personal trainer. Nikki trained with her twice last week. This week she will bump it up to three days.  God willing, I will begin training with her in October. We have done a good job with eating properly and working out, but there is always room to grow. I am giving myself a goal by the end of the year to be back at my college weight.

                Well, it’s time to get back to the books. Take care and God bless.

Benjamin Lee