Sermons Date Listing

January 21, 2022

   2022 Bible Reading (N/A)   

January 1, 2021


   2021 Bible Reading (N/A)   

April 6, 2020

   Simple Ways To Study At Home (David Banning) (N/A)   

March 16, 2020

   Pandemic (N/A)   

May 7, 2017

   Sin Leading to Death (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

April 23, 2017

   Hitting The Mark (Reuben Prevost) (N/A)   

April 16, 2017

   Jesus Lives! (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

April 2, 2017

   INJUSTICE (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

January 2, 2017

   Will You Accept The Dare? (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

December 11, 2016

   2017 Chronological Bible Reading Plan (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

November 20, 2016

   Christ Did Not Send Me To Baptize – Max Dawson (Max Dawson)   

November 13, 2016

   Can Science Defeat Death – Max Dawson (Max Dawson)   

October 4, 2016

   BTB-Ethiopia (Randy Harshbarger, Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

October 2, 2016

   Pictures of Jesus In Revelation (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

September 23, 2016

   About The Louisana Flood… (Max Dawson)   

August 28, 2016

   When Jesus Marveled (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

August 21, 2016

   When Tragedy Strikes (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

   082116AM (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

July 31, 2016

   The Kingdom of God Part Four (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

   A Heart That Belongs (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

July 29, 2016

   The Kingdom Is Taken From You (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

July 24, 2016

   The Kingdom of God Part 3 (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

July 17, 2016

   Kingdom of God Part 2 (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

July 10, 2016

   The Kingdom of God – Part One (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

July 3, 2016

   Five Unusual Conversions (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

June 12, 2016

   Whole Family Salvation (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

June 5, 2016

   Every Man’s Battle (Max Dawson) (Max Dawson)   

May 29, 2016

   I Hear You, But I’m Not Listening – Max Dawson (Max Dawson)   

May 15, 2016

   A Perplexing Question (Benjamin Lee) (N/A)   

   Why Get Married? (Max Dawson) (N/A)   

May 8, 2016

   They Quenched The Violence Of Fire (Max Dawson) (N/A)   

   Celebrating Three Women (Max Dawson) (N/A)   

May 1, 2016

   A Giving Church (Benjamin Lee) (N/A)   

   What Does The Lord Require (Max Dawson) (N/A)   

April 24, 2016

   Does It Really Matter? (Benjamin Lee) (N/A)   

   In The Beginning… (Benjamin Lee) (N/A)   

April 17, 2016

   Just Live It! (Max Dawson) (N/A)   

   The Right Heart For This World (Max Dawson) (N/A)   

   Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner (Benjamin Lee) (N/A)   

April 10, 2016

   A Conversation About Heaven (Max Dawson and Benjamin Lee) (N/A)   

April 3, 2016

   The Five Senses (Max Dawson) (N/A)   

   The Troubled Prophet (Benjamin Lee) (N/A)   

March 27, 2016

   Report Out Of Africa – Our Three-Fold Mission (Max Dawson) (N/A)   

   Report Out Of Africa – Part 2 (Terry Matthews, Ulysses Buckley) (N/A)   

March 20, 2016

   The Sending of Elijah (Benjamin Lee) (N/A)   

   The Restoration of All Things (Benjamin Lee) (N/A)   

   Where Two Or Three Are Gathered (Benjamin Lee) (N/A)   

March 13, 2016

   Don’t Cheapen God’s Grace (Benjamin Lee) (N/A)   

   Gossip Girls (Benjamin Lee) (N/A)