Week 16

My time here in the preacher training program has gone by fast. I am entering my fourth month. We began a new teaching quarter this past Sunday, and I am teaching one of the adult classes. We are going over the book of Psalms. Our first class went extremely well. One thing that I have been working on in how I teach my class is making sure that it is interactive. My goal is to speak only about half of the time, to allow the students the opportunity to provide comments, thoughts, and questions. This approach has worked great. It allows the students to be more engaged in discussion, and in general it’s a better way to teach.

The Lights at Lamar campus Bible study is going well. In our last study, we had a record attendance of about 20 students. We have had a visitor so far at each of our studies. We continue to pray that God will open up a door for us so we can save a soul for Him.

A couple of weeks ago we began a series of sermons for our fall focus.  We are studying from Luke 9:23, where Jesus tells us to take up our cross daily and follow Him.  We brought in Kris Emerson from the Eastside congregation in Baytown Texas to begin this series of lessons.  Each sermon has focused on a particular area on becoming more devoted to Jesus. The sermons have been uplifting, motivating, and challenging.

I am looking forward to the holiday season in Texas. It will be interesting to be able to run outside on Thanksgiving and Christmas, and not have to worry about the snow or cold weather. 

Take care and God bless,

Benjamin N. Lee