Week Four of Preacher Training (July 26th-August 1st)

                This was another busy but prosperous week for me. I put in about 47 hours.  The week consisted of a continuation of weekly Bible classes with our young students, getting Bible studies set up in the community, personal studies, and sermon preparation.  I gave my first sermon here Sunday evening. Thank the Lord it went well. There is definitely room for significant improvement, and I am confident that each week my preaching will improve.  Max and David have provided me with great advice in delivering a sermon.  One aspect of preaching that I have been working on is clarity. For example, making sure that my outline is clear and concise, so that my sermon will be the same.  I will have the opportunity to preach here again this Sunday evening God willing.

                I had something that happened to me this past Wednesday that I had never experienced before. We had a song service for our Wednesday assembly.  The singing was great! So often, when the singing is great and when you reflect on how awesome God is to you, at times you can get a little emotional.  A couple of songs prior to the invitation that’s exactly what occurred. I thought that by the time I got up to speak the tears would have ceased. That was not the case. I have never cried in front of an audience of about 300 people. I have learned though that there is nothing wrong in displaying emotion while giving praise to God. It took me a little while to recover, but thankfully I was able to get my invitation out.

                We had the privilege to have Dan (aka Danny Boy) Summer (aka Summertime) and Silas (aka young preacher) Watt visit us over the weekend. They were down in Galveston for a wedding and got to Beaumont Saturday evening. It was great to see them. It has only been a month since leaving Columbia, but it feels much longer.

                Well, I hope and pray that all is well with everyone. Take care and God bless!


Benjamin Lee