Blog: Max Dawson
April 11, 2016
I am presenting two choices this morning. The choices have to do with events tomorrow night (Tuesday, April 12). You might find either choice to be of value.

CHOICE #1: BELIEF. “Creation–A Scientific Perspective” with Dr. H.E. Payne, Jr. This can be viewed online only at dowlenroad.com. This is an encore presentation that was originally done some time ago. I would suggest that it contains some of the very best material you will ever encounter regarding creation and evolution.

In this presentation, Dr. Buddy Payne does an excellent job of discussing legitimate methods of research in this field. He probes the mathematical issues that present great problems for evolutionary theory.

You can view this presentation only at dowlenroad.com tomorrow night at 7:00 pm. Why not get a group together to view it? This is an especially valuable presentation for high school and college students.

CHOICE #2: UNBELIEF. “Lost In Translation” presented by Dr. Joshua Taub. Taub is the “rabbi” (sorry, I still have trouble using that title) at the Jewish synagogue here in Beaumont–Temple Emanuel. Last Tuesday, Taub began a four-week series on the Bible. A couple of us from Dowlen Road church attended last Tuesday’s lecture. Taub’s presentation was rather startling, to say the least. Here are some quotes.

“When I die, it is the end of everything. There is no heaven and no hell.”

“Is the Bible true? No. It is not true. It is not the word of God.”

“There is no absolute truth in the Bible.

“There is no such thing as absolute truth–not even in science.”

“You will learn nothing about Judaism from the Bible.”

There were more quotes, but these should give you an idea of the direction of the second in the series of lectures which will be held tomorrow night at 1120 Broadway in Beaumont, Texas.

The atmosphere in the auditorium where the lectures are presented is warm and friendly. Some of us will be in attendance again tomorrow evening.


Someone might ask, “Why would you attend a lecture where the teacher is only talking about his unbelief?”

That is easy to answer. I want to know what the enemy of truth says. I want to understand his logic (or lack of it). For me, that is a faith-strengthening exercise.

A final thought. Some not-yet-informed folks are surprised when they learn that modern practitioners of Judaism do not believe in Jesus. But it goes far beyond that, at least for the reformed Jew like Dr. Taub. He appears not to believe anything about the Bible–except that, in his view, it is not true. I want to hear some of his reasoning for that. I plan to listen to him tomorrow night–and hopefully ask him some questions.

Belief and Blessings to you.