Blog: Max Dawson
November 12, 2015

The following true story is from one of our readers.
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“A few years ago my husband and I pulled our kids out of public school in order to homeschool them.

“We wanted to do something memorable that first week of learning at home. I gave the kids an assignment that each of them was to write a letter to the President. I told them that someone at the White House would read it, but that more than likely the President himself would not see it–I know it is possible, but not likely.

“You can imagine how surprised the kids were when both of them received a package in the mail from the White House. It was so awesome! It was full of 8 x 10 pictures of the President and First Lady, Air Force One, the White House, and the presidential pets. It also had sticker sheets, multiple pages of facts about our government, our flag, a biography of the President, and a short letter from the President.

“We were so excited! I know that he probably did not see the kids’ letters, but I told them that someone at the capitol of our nation took the time to read their letters and send the packages.

“I have been thinking about this and how thrilled we were, and it occurred to me how much more zealous and excited we should be that the Lord God of the Universe ‘reads our letters.’ By that, I mean He listens to our prayers! He personally listens to our hearts and He has personally given a letter–His written word–to us. We have personal access every day to the Creator of all the universe.

“Now that is awesome!”


I agree with our reader. It is an awesome thing to be able to speak to our Father in heaven. And to know that He listens to our prayers. He listens and responds.

I wonder if we take prayer for granted. What do you think? Is it the case that we sometimes just throw God a little tidbit of trite prayer before our meals–and that’s all we are giving to HIm? Muttering something like this: “God thank you for our food. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Now, there is not a thing wrong with those words. And there is nothing wrong with a short prayer. Just make sure that we are thinking about God and His bountiful blessings when we say those words.

I think one of the ways we can learn to pray more from the heart is to first put more of God’s word into our hearts. One of the best and most effective times to pray is when you are reading the word of God. I mean time alone with God, when we are not distracted by other people, TV or our cell phones.

In that time alone with God, you can read a little (or a lot), and pause to pray a little (or a lot). There is something special about coming across something in the text that is significant to you, and then you stop to pray about that thing.

Do you have a special time alone with God when you can read and meditate and pray? It can be a time of great blessing as you draw near to God.

Pray to our God. Pray from the heart. He listens. He responds. He blesses.

Now that is awesome!