Blog: Max Dawson
April 21, 2016

It supposedly happened back in the 1950’s. A preacher was really trying hard to reach out to wayward members in his congregation. He went so far as to organize a personal evangelism and edification group that met after service on Sunday evening.

He invited everyone in the congregation to attend the group. The objective was to try to contact and encourage those members of the congregation who were hit and miss in their attendance. The preacher wanted to emphasize the need to be faithful.

At the first meeting of the group, a sizable number showed up, including LeRoy, a big old country boy. LeRoy was a new convert and was eager to serve the Lord and cooperate in any way he could. He was a crude fellow, uneducated and rather gruff, but he had a tender heart. The preacher had to give him someone’s name to check on. The participants could write a note, call or visit those who were weak.

The preacher gave LeRoy the name of a local doctor who was a member of the church. He had not been at services for the past three months. No one had been successful in dealing with him. He had made a few promises but never followed through on any of them.

LeRoy wrote this wayward Christian a letter.

On Thursday of that week, the preacher got a short note in the mail. There was a check with the note. It was from the doctor. The note read as follows:

“To preacher Bob. Enclosed you will find a check made out to the church for $1,400. This is to make up for my contributions that I have missed for the past three months. I will be on the front row Sunday morning. I want to be restored to God and the church. By the way, please inform your secretary that there are two “s” in the word worthless; and there is no “c” in the word “skunk.”


A little crude maybe, but effective. Maybe it takes that kind of blunt talk to awaken some folks to their condition. The Lord wants His people to be faithful in life, in worship, in service to Him, and even in the use of their money.

We are all stewards of the time, opportunities and resources God has given us. Note Paul’s statement in .

“Moreover it is required in stewards that one be found faithful.”

While the context of this verse is about Paul and his coworkers, the principle is one that applies to all of us.

Are you being faithful as a steward of all that God has given you?

Have a great day, all day!


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