Blog: Max Dawson
November 10, 2016
I really don’t like to write about the election. I don’t like to talk about it to Christians. So much of what Christians post on Facebook or what they say to one another in person is counterproductive and harmful. I hope that what I write today is fruitful and beneficial. What I am writing could have been written last week– before the election. It contains principles that should apply to Christians at all times. In this post today, I will not even mention any candidate’s name. What I write applies to a Christian’s thinking and action regardless of the candidate.
So, here goes.
No matter how you voted (or even if you did not vote at all), see this time as one of opportunity for the glory of God. See the outcome of the election as a season of opportunity, not as a hindrance to your service to Jesus.
Some saints see the defeat of their candidate as a defeat for the cause of God. Others, see the election of their candidate as a validation and victory for the gospel.
While we have differing views, as Americans (and as Christians), we are in an unusual position compared to much of the rest of the world. We get to choose our leaders. And, we sometimes get to pick leaders who may represent some of our religious views. A rare thing indeed. Most of the world has no such option.
Yet, to some degree, a lot of Christians have said that neither major candidate really represented their views or their moral stand. Most Christians see that as a bad thing. And if it is, then it is. But what if it is also an opportunity?
What if it is an opportunity to let your light shine (). Letting our light shine in order to give glory to God is among our most fundamental objectives as Christians. This is a time to show your friends and neighbors–and your brothers and sisters in Christ–how you are truly different from the world. It is a time to conduct ourselves in a godly fashion and to show others our trust in God.
But think most about this: Showing consideration for other Christians and their views! How is that for an idea whose time has come!


So, here is my list of do’s and don’ts in the post-election season:
1. Don’t post foolish things on Facebook. How about using some good judgment?
2. Do post things (if you post anything at all) that give glory to God ().
3. Don’t bash people who voted for or against the winner or loser of any election.
4. Don’t enter into foolish arguments that have no point but to divide people.
5. Do pray for rulers ().
6. Do remember your salvation. It didn’t come from Washington, but from a cross.
7. Do recall that political solutions have never healed anyone’s soul. That is the work of Jesus and His church. Tell someone about Jesus today.
May God’s hand be upon you, my dear friends,

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