Blog: Max Dawson
August 27, 2015
The Ashley Madison website was recently hacked and the personal info of a reported 39 million users from 53 countries was exposed. It was more than just exposing personal data about the website users. The implication is that the users were looking to have an affair–not something you would like to have exposed–especially to your spouse.

The expressed purpose of that site is to facilitate married people in having an affair. The Ashley Madison trademark slogan is “Life is short. Have an affair.”

And because the names and emails of those who signed up on the site have been published online by hackers, a number of people are crying foul. The first cry is against the Ashley Madison website itself that promised absolute secrecy and identity protection. Users feel they have been betrayed by a website that made such promises to them. That’s kind of strange language isn’t it–“betrayed” by those who made “promises”? Think about it for a moment.

The second cry of foul is against the hackers themselves. That they had no right to expose the names of website users. That it was a dirty, lowdown thing to do. That it was underhanded and sneaky. Again, kind of strange words to be used in this situation–“underhanded and sneaky.” But that is the sad state of modern affairs!

Now maybe you have followed the story in the news, and you already knew what I have just written. But, now, let me give you something you probably did not know about the Ashley Madison website and its users.

There are approximately 43,000 zip codes in the U.S. But there are three that are “Ashley Madison free” zip codes. Polvadera, New Mexico (87828) has a population of 269. Nikolai, Alaska (99691) has a population of 94. And, finally, Perryville, Alaska (99648) with a population of 113. Polvadera is the largest of those three zip codes, but that town has no internet service. Every one of the other 43,000 U.S. zip codes has Ashley Madison users. Did you know there were only three zip codes that didn’t have users of that site? If you already knew that, I am sorry I bored you with this.

But my point in writing today is not to merely give you these details, but to make a significant point. For the past few weeks (and beyond) we have been discussing the shame that belongs to America over homosexuality and same-sex marriage. It has been charged that “homosexuality is destroying traditional marriage, the family, the home, and our society.” And while I agree that it plays a part, let me ask you a very simple question. To ask is to answer.

Who do you think has done more harm to marriage and family? Is it the homosexual, or is it the heterosexual adulterer?

A FINAL WORD: Life Is Indeed Short. We Are All Headed To God’s Judgment

Understanding that judgment is coming, both the homosexual and the heterosexual adulterer are in real trouble with God. They will not inherit God’s Kingdom (1 Corinthians 6:9-10).

But it is equally important to understand that both of these immoral persons can change their lives and be redeemed by Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 6:11).