Blog: Max Dawson
September 7, 2015
All lovers of Blue Bell ice cream know that we have done without for months. It was in April of this year that the plants that produce our favorite frozen treat were all shut down–Brenham, Texas, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and Sylacauga, Alabama–all shut down due to listeria contamination.

Eight million gallons of ice cream, taken from store freezers–destroyed. If all those half-gallon cartons were placed side-by-side on I-45 (a bad idea because it would really slow traffic), the line would stretch from from the north side of Houston to the south side of Dallas–about 230 miles. What a waste.

But Blue Bell is back–in some markets. Stores were immediately sold out in Houston as soon as it arrived last week. People bought multiple cartons, fearing it might be their only chance to feed their addiction for the next few months. Lots of folks were upset at store managers because it was gone so quickly.

I still miss Blue Bell. It may not be available in our market in Beaumont until November. My favorite way to eat Blue Bell (vanilla, of course, since I am a purist), is to make what my friend Jeff DeLord called “ice cream soup.” At least I think that’s what he called it. He taught me years ago to fill a large bowl with Blue Bell vanilla; then get a large glass of milk; pour about two-thirds of the glass over the vanilla; and in seconds some of that milk freezes on the ice cream. Then take a large spoon and enjoy, getting a little of the ice cream, the frozen crust and a some of the unfrozen milk all at the same time. After all the unfrozen milk in the bowl is gone, pour the rest of the milk from the glass over the remaining ice cream. By this time it’s soupy–and enjoy the rest of it. What’s not to like!

I am eager to do that again when Blue Bell is available in our market in a couple of months–or sooner, maybe. It will be like the return of an old friend. It will be something I have really missed. How about you? Have you missed your Blue Bell?


While what I wrote above is true, my real objective this morning is not related to Blue Bell at all. Instead, I am thinking about some of my brothers and sisters who once served Jesus. They weren’t recalled or suddenly taken away. (Though one day they may be!) They just drifted away, maybe through carelessness, neglect or the attraction of the world. And sadly, they are gone.

How long would their line reach if they were placed side-by-side? I have no idea, but God knows–and he grieves. So do I.

But there is hope. Maybe they are not gone forever. Maybe they will come back to the Lord.

Maybe this email will show up on the computer screen, smartphone or tablet of one of those who has fallen away from Jesus. Maybe you are that person. The Lord wants you to come back to Him. His people want you back. Do you miss serving the Lord? Do you miss the sense of fellowship in worshiping with the saints? Do you miss your old friends who loved you in the Lord? Be certain of this: We miss you!

It is time to come home.