Blog: Max Dawson
February 22, 2016

Today we are going to have a little fun. One of my friends (David ______) sent me a little piece today that gave me an idea for Monday’s Musings.
Let’s talk about senior citizens. Sometimes seniors get blamed for getting the world into the mess it is in today. David is a senior, and so am I. (Deep in my heart I don’t really believe I am that old–but the numbers don’t lie.) Anyway, David, myself, and other seniors refuse to take responsibility for any of the following:
1. It wasn’t us senior citizens who took the commitment out of marriage.
2. It was not our generation that took pride out of personal appearance.
3. Don’t blame us for the fact that romance has been taken out of love.
4. Don’t pin on us the crime that civility has been removed from human behavior.
5. We are not the ones that took hard work and dedication out of employment.
6. Don’t stick us with the charge that refinement has been taken out of speech.
7. We did not–repeat–did not take the learning out of education.
8. We are not the ones to blame for removing responsibility from parenthood.
9. It was not our generation that took the Golden Rule out of rulers.
10. We are not the ones who took God out of government and school.
Well, I thought this list might be a little humorous when I started it. But looking back on it, I really can’t find too much to chuckle about.


The above list is all about responsible, sensible behavior–and the fact that it has been lost in much of “Christian” American culture–whatever that means these days!
With respect to marriage, modern “Christians” are no more likely than others are to honor their commitment. And whatever happened to dignified dress when folks come to worship God? Or even more, whatever happened to personal modesty in dress among women? Are there no restraints and no boundaries?
And civil behavior? Look at the public stage. Everyone in national politics today has been called “a liar” by others in politics. Maybe some are indeed liars, but where is dignity in speech, and personal restraint? And why are some so foul-mouthed in public speech, using the worst of language?
And it is not just the politicians who use bad language. It has bothered me for a long time that “conservative” talk-show hosts can’t make their points anymore without interjecting a “hell” or a “damn” or some other curse word. And don’t say “Those are Bible words; so it’s OK to use them.” It’s not OK, because they are not using them in the way the Bible uses them. They use them in a way that mom called “cussing.” And, it’s not just some “conservatives” who do this. “Liberals” do it too.
Have we completely lost the ability to have civil discourse and civil speech? I have done more than 3500 hour-long talk show broadcasts. I had a couple of people cuss me on the air, but I never felt I had to cuss them in return.
says, “Let your speech always be with grace…”
says we should use “sound speech that cannot be condemned…”
says that the untamed tongue “sets on fire the course of nature; and it is set on fire by hell.”
A little restraint, please.
Seniors may be guilty of a lot of things, but we did not have much to do with the ten things in the list above. Maybe you disagree. If so, let me know. Just be civil about it!–Max

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