Blog: Max Dawson
March 27, 2017
When your heart sinks from the weight of some seemingly insuperable difficulty, God is on His throne.
When tears blind your eyes and hurt blunts your hope, and you still must go on, God is on His throne.
When your friend ceases to walk with you and you seem helplessly alone, God is on His throne.
When your patience wears thin and you want desperately to release your disgust in one huge, inundating wave of anger, God is on His throne.
When your sins have piled up so high that you no longer know whether or not God hears, God is on His throne.
When you are tired, exhausted from trying hard, so tired you wonder if it’s all worth it, God is on His throne.
When you must go on in spite of scathing, imposing opposition, and when those you loved and who supposedly loved you don’t try to understand, God is on His throne.
When you feel hopelessly alone, when no one stands with you, and no one seems to care, and you feel the weight of the sheer loneliness, God is on His throne.
When you’ve succeeded and things are good all over; when it seems you can’t fail and your heart fills with undue pride, God is on His throne.
— Dee Bowman


Today’s offering above was crafted by Dee Bowman. It is a fact that God is, indeed, on His throne. There is never a time when He is not!
I like the way Daniel gave his reply to King Nebuchadnezzar in . When the astrologers could not answer the thing proposed by the king, Daniel gave an answer. The first seven words of his reply are these:
“But there is a God in heaven…”
Daniel almost states that as a matter of fact prelude to what he is about to say. No matter what we face in life, this fact is unchanging and unchangeable. It should give great comfort to the humble who serve Him.
It should strike fear in the hearts of those who arrogantly oppose Him.
Blessings to you, my humble friends,

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