Blog: Max Dawson
December 7, 2015
All right, folks, at this time of year lots of days are given special names. it was just ten days ago that we saw “Black Friday.” Then, the next day was “Small Business Saturday.” That was quickly followed two days later by “Cyber Monday.”

All of these were special shopping days. Big bargains were used to attract shoppers. I heard that the crowds were really big on Black Friday. I only heard that, because I was not a participant.

Walmart advertised “Cyber Monday starts on Sunday!” Amazon has stopped focusing on one day; they are now advertising “12 Days of Deals.” One local car dealer boldly proclaims “It’s Black Friday all month long.”

Shopping, shopping and more shopping. Not just at the stores, but online. Without commenting on the whole materialism thing, will you humor me for a moment as I advocate for “Gospel Monday”?

No, you won’t see it promoted at any of the stores. Amazon knows nothing about it. It’s just us folks here at Dowlen Road church.

We are in a 4-day gospel meeting this week. It started yesterday with Ben and Max preaching about Jesus. Yesterday morning’s study from the Bible was “Jesus and the New Testament.” Last night it was “Seven Questions about Jesus.”

Tonight’s lesson is “Seven Questions about Jesus and Baptism.” That’s the Gospel Monday deal. It’s free. Don’t bring your checkbook. Bring your Bible. Bring an open mind. Be ready to hear gospel truth!

What would happen if Christians–not the world–gave as much time to Jesus this December as they give to shopping and looking for deals? We would have a revival like none seen in our generation.

What is it that makes us so focused on material things while we give so little to the spiritual things? You will have to answer that. I can’t.

Benjamin Lee and Max Dawson will speak tonight at 7:00 PM at the Dowlen Road meeting place, 3060 Dowlen Road in Beaumont, TX.


The 4-day meeting will continue through Wednesday.

On Tuesday, December 8, the lesson is “Seven Questions about Jesus and Miracles.” Same time (7:00 PM); same speakers (Ben and Max); giving answers from the same Book of Truth (the Bible).

On Wednesday, December 9, “Seven Questions about Jesus and the Church.” Same details as above.

Ben and I are not just asking questions. We are answering the questions with “book, chapter, and verse.” Bible answers to Bible questions.

On the great last day, one more shopping trip this season will have zero value. On that same last day, one more time to hear the gospel may make all the difference in your eternity! Think about it.

Hope to see you tonight.
Blessings to all,