Blog: Max Dawson
January 30, 2017
Just one more day left in January. If you were born in January, this is my last chance to wish you happy birthday this month. And, if you were a January baby, you have the distinction of being born in the month with the fewest birthdays.
That’s right. in America there are fewer people born in January than in any other month. The most popular month for births is September. There are reasons for that …that might be obvious to you. The most common birthday in the United States is September 16. (That’s according to www.reference.com.)
According to that same source, the least common birthdays are February 29 (which, again, is obvious), December 25 and January 1.
No matter who you are, you have a birthday. Nobody slips into this world without getting one. We celebrate them, can’t wait till the next one (if we are young), dread another one (if we are older), lie about them, and some folks even deny them. They haven’t had a birthday in years. Someone said, “Whoever decided to start celebrating birthdays must have been young.”
What person have you personally known that has had the most birthdays? For me, that was Bertha Noble. Sister Noble and I shared the same birthday–January 8. She lived to be 109. She was exactly forty years older than I. She was born in 1904. I was honored to speak at Sister Noble’s funeral four years ago.
While she was alive, Sister Noble may have been the oldest living Christian. It is a blessing to reach old age, especially if the years have been filled with service to God. How many years will you have to serve God?


There is a chapter in the Bible that talks about some men who lived a really long time. You are probably familiar with these men in . Here are some of them and their ages. (The numbers in parenthesis are indicative of the verses in .)
(5) Adam: 939 years
(8) Seth: 912 years
(11) Enosh: 905 years
(14) Cainan: 910 years
(17) Mahalalel: 895 years
(20) Jared: 962 years
(27) Methuselah: 969 years
Strangely (or maybe not), each of these verses end with the same three words. Do you know what they are? If you don’t know, open your Bible to these verses and find out. What do those three words mean to you?
Blessings to you, my dear friends,

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