Blog: Max Dawson
April 28, 2016

That’s what folks often say when something takes them by surprise. It is an exclamation that says “I wish I would have known.” Most commonly, something like this is said when something bad happens unexpectedly. If they had seen what was coming, maybe they could have avoided it.

But what if it was something good that was coming? That is, there was something beneficial and you didn’t know about it. You could have gained from it, but you just did not know. You didn’t see it coming!

Here are some things that are coming soon that you need to know about!

1. New Bible classes begin Sunday morning at Dowlen Road church at 9:30 AM. I am teaching in the auditorium a class entitled “Great Chapters from the Prophets.” There are other classes for adults and younger folks that will be equally valuable.

Now you know. You can see it coming.

2. Sunday evening at 6:30 there are devotional Bible studies in various homes for Dowlen Road young people from Middle School through College Age. A lot of work goes into planning and executing these events.

Now you know. You can see it coming.

3. At the same time as these devos, the parents of these kids will be meeting at the home of Harold and Petula Whitfield. Greg Chesser will lead a discussion with parents about things that will help your kids.

Now you know. You can see it coming.

3. On Friday, May 6, Dowlen Road church will conduct our annual singing. We have invited brethren from all over Texas and Louisiana to join us in praise to God. It starts at 7:00 PM.

Now you know. You can see it coming.

4. On Tuesday, May 10, at 7:00 PM, another edition of By the Book will be presented online at dowlenroad.com. Benjamin Lee and I will present our final installment in the series on the Authority of the Scriptures: “How God authorizes.”

Now you know. You can see it coming.


The shepherds at Dowlen Road strongly encourage every member of the congregation to participate in these events.

I want to especially encourage parents of Middle School and High School kids to have their sons and daughters at the devotional Bible studies! Here are some of the benefits:

1. Your kids can bond with other kids there own age. They make friendships with those who can be an influence for good in their lives. Some parents do not encourage their kids to be part of these events. For the most part, their kids are only associated with people of the world–who may be a bad influence on them. Think about it. Are you really giving your kids a Christian upbringing if they do not associate with other Christians outside the assembly?

2. At these events your kids can ask questions about the Bible and gain insight from qualified teachers. These events are not structured in the way Bible classes are. These devos are designed to be open and informal. They are a great opportunity for kids to open up and talk about things that matter to them!

3. By having your kids at these events you are teaching them the value of being a participant. Note that the word “participant” begins with the word “part.” Some folks never learn to really be a “part” of the work of God. These are teaching moments for your kids.

4. Your kids will have fun. While it is not the function of the local congregation to provide fun and games for kids, it is something that individuals can and ought to do. I don’t think I have ever seen a kid come to a devo who did not enjoy the fun and food. Make sure your kids participate this coming Sunday night.

Now you know. You can see it coming!

Have a great day, all day!