Blog: Benjamin Lee
March 7, 2016
How well do you know your Bible? The Bible is the best selling book in the world, but how familiar are you with it?
Can you list all of the books of the Bible in order? Some may say that’s not a big deal whether you can do this or not. But I think it’s important. First, we should know where the books of the Bible are. Second, knowing where they are will help you better follow along as you study the scriptures during the assembly on the first day of the week.
If you know all of the books in order GREAT! Here’s the next thing I would suggest. For each book assign one word that describes what the book is all about. I would begin with the books of the Old Testament. What one word could you use to describe the book of Genesis? I would use the word “beginning.” Genesis is a book of beginnings. What about Exodus? I would use the word “departure” or maybe “exit.” We find the Israelites departing from the land of Egypt.
ONE WORD FOR EACH BOOK! What do you think? Can you do it?


Assigning one word for each book will help you remember what that book is all about! I’ve given you a head start with Genesis and Exodus. Ok I will give you a few more. Now go ahead and do the rest.
In our Thursday Thoughts I will give you what I have come up with for each book. If you can’t think of a word for a particular book put a question mark next to that book on your list. The books that have question marks next to them are the books you need to get to know so you can have a better understanding of them.


–Benjamin Lee

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