Blog: Max Dawson
November 24, 2016
I know…today is Thanksgiving Day. And I know that most folks would expect me to write something about the holiday. But, if you will allow me, I want to follow up on what on wrote Monday.
Monday’s Musings was about “Judging God.” It is something people do, especially when a loved one has died. The idea is that there would be something wrong with God if He did not let my loved one go to heaven. If you have not read that piece, go back and look at your Monday email.
So, a little more on judging today. The trendy, pop phrase on judging this year is “Only God can judge me.” Thanks, Tupac (rapper…for those who don’t know)!
Lots and lots of folks are saying it. When you question something they have done, or ask about the wisdom of a choice they are making, the quick reply is “Only God can judge me.” The implication is that you have no right to ask about what they are doing or to point out that they might be making a mistake. And, you certainly cannot speak against or condemn anything they are doing–whether it is drugs, alcohol, or immoral sex. You have no right! Because “Only God can judge me!”
In the ultimate, eternal sense, it is true. Only God can judge on the last day and bring men into His eternal paradise or condemn their souls to hell with the devil. Only God can do that. But until that day, we are…
…commanded to judge righteous judgment ().
…urged to judge men by their fruits ().
…told to judge the conduct of erring Christians ().
Many more passages could be offered. But these few will do. We cannot operate in this world without judging the actions of other people. Sometimes our judgments are wrong; that’s why Jesus said “Judge righteous judgment.” But we must judge–not in the eternal sense; but in the sense that we either approve or disapprove of another’s actions or conduct. Everybody does it. You have to do it!


Now, I am quite sure that someone has read down to this point and is ready to disagree with what I have written (and with the passages offered). Is that you? Are you ready to say, “Max, you are wrong in what you have written. You have even misused those passages you gave.” Are you ready to say that?
And, if you are that person who says that, you may be right! Maybe I am wrong; maybe I misused the Bible. But what did you just do?
I thought everybody was saying “Only God can judge me!” But, now you are going to judge me? Of course you are, and according to the Bible, you have every right to judge what I have written. You have the right to judge and to question whether I am right or wrong. You have the right to judge whether or not I have used the word of God properly.
But, if you are one of those folks who constantly says, “Don’t judge me.” “Only God can judge me.” “It is wrong to judge others.” If you are that person, then you have violated your own standard.
“Only God can judge me!” In the eternal sense, yes. But, for now, some judging of other folks is allowed and even required.
And think about this. Whether you agree, disagree, or are neutral on what I have written today, you have judged me. You can’t avoid it.
May God’s hand be upon you, my dear friends,

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