Blog: Max Dawson
August 31, 2015
Do you enjoy and appreciate the ease of modern life? Of course you do! While we sometimes talk about our struggles and difficulties, the truth is, life is easier in this generation than at any time in our history. At least it is easier when it comes to meeting our basic needs–food, clothing and shelter. We are much more likely to complain that we don’t have a big enough TV, than complain that we have no food to eat. Life in America in our time is easier than it has ever been for any people in any generation.

And therein lies the problem. The ease of modern life can present a difficulty.

When life is too easy, God is easily forgotten. God cautioned Israel about this danger in Deuteronomy 8:6-20. The Lord told Israel, that even though the Promised Land was a wonderful place, there was something they must guard against. They must not forget Him. He warned them saying, “…lest when you have eaten and are full…and your silver and gold are multiplied…you forget the Lord your God…”

A full stomach is not an evil thing. Having silver and gold does not make you wicked. But if those things make you forget God, you would have been better off to be poor and hungry. When I am poor and hungry it is easy to see my need for God.

I was studying the Bible this morning with a brother who is looking for a job. He is filled with zeal for the Lord. He is present at every service. He is praying. He is reading his Bible and telling others about Jesus.

What will happen to him when he finds a job? And what will he do if he finds a really good job that pays a lot? I can’t judge hearts, but I think this young man will serve the Lord Jesus just as much as he does today. That is my hope and prayer for him.

But, I have to tell you that I have seen just the opposite. We have encountered some folks who came to us, asking us to pray for them. They were out of a job and penniless. We prayed. We studied the Bible with them. They were baptized. They were at every service. We even helped some of them find work. They were so grateful to God for His blessings.

They now had money. Maybe more money than they had ever had. And over a few months they changed. They had less zeal for the Lord. They prayed less. They read their Bible less. They no longer worshiped with the consistency they once had.

What happened?

They were no longer hungry. They had plenty. They didn’t need to depend on God as they once did. They could pretty much get along without Him. They had money.

Can you see the danger? Would that ever happen to you? Think about it.


It could be easily said that prosperity causes some to turn away from God. Yet, there are many that I have known who were very prosperous–even wealthy–and they did not turn away from God.

Why the difference? Those who didn’t forget God were those who maintained a spiritual hunger. A longing for God. A desire for eternity with Him. Those who know that money and things can never truly satisfy our deepest longings are able to maintain that hunger.

Stay hungry, my friend. Stay hungry.