Summer Program

Our summer program is for young men who aspire to preach the gospel. It consists of ten weeks of intensive study and work with a great deal of training and critique. The purpose of the program is to introduce these men to the work of preaching and to help them decide if preaching is what they ought to do as their life’s work.

Two Year Program

Our two year program is for men who have committed themselves to a life of preaching. Such men as David Raif (now in Guatemala), Matt Bassford (now in Chicago, IL), Shawn Jeffries (now in Columbia, TN), and Benjamin Lee (who works with us in Beaumont, TX) have been through our two year program. These men are each successful in their labors as they aggressively pursue the work of God.

Matt Perez (May 3, 2015)

Matt Perez (March 29, 2015)

The Pursuit of Happiness (Matt Perez – November 30, 2014)