Blog: Max Dawson
April 6, 2017
I don’t think I have ever heard anyone ask that question in exactly that way. Yet, it is undeniably true that lots of folks think the Bible is boring.
First, I believe they think that because they get their impressions about the Bible from listening to boring preachers. Let’s face it, lots of preachers present the Bible in ways that can only be called “boring.” The preacher is not excited about what he preaches, and there is nothing stimulating about the way he presents his lesson. (I am sure I will catch some flak for this point. And I am also sure that you know that I did not mean you, Brother Preacher.)
Second, people think the Bible is boring because that’s what they have heard others say. Since most people never read the Bible for themselves, they go on believing it is boring.
Let me say two things about this:
1. If the Bible is indeed boring (which it is not), it doesn’t change the fact that it is the word of God. It is the word by which we will be judged on the Last Day (). That being the case, you need to get your head into that boring book and find out what it says. If you don’t, you will be in deep trouble on that day!
2. The Bible is not boring to those who read it for themselves! The Bible. Is. Not. Boring. I challenge you to read through the Book of Judges and the Book of First Samuel. I point to those two books because that’s where we are right now in our Chronological Bible Reading class. We are reading through the whole Bible in a year–chronologically; that is, in the order in which the events happened.
Someone says, “The Book of Judges? That sounds like a bunch of legal stuff. Boring! And First Samuel? That sounds like a story about some old guy. All sounds boring!”
You may think it sounds boring because that is what you have always believed. But the fact that you would say that shows that you have no clue what is in either book. Read the final word below for a little info on the content of those books.


Just a little bit from the Book of Judges:
In the early chapters are stories of corruption as Israel worshiped idols. There is an assassination of a king. A woman named Deborah led Israel’s army to a stunning victory. Another woman nailed a bad guy’s head to the floor. And that doesn’t even get us to the story of Israel’s strongman–that womanizing Samson!
A little bit from the Book of First Samuel:
The book begins with a man who had two wives (do you see trouble coming here?). A priest accuses one of these wives of drunkenness. She was not drunk, but was praying! The book tells the story of Samuel, the boy priest! The book contains stories of war and the demand for a king in Israel. The first king of Israel was Saul; he started out great, but was an abject failure. There is the story of David and Jonathan–a powerful friendship. There are murders and attempted murders in the book. There is even a story about a woman who claimed to talk to the dead!
Don’t ever call the Bible boring, my friends. While all the Bible does not contain the sensational stories found in these two books, all of the Bible does contain a message that you need to hear. It is the message of Jesus Christ–the only way to God and eternal life; the only hope you have of escaping torment ().
Blessings to you, my dear friends,

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