Blog: Max Dawson
May 2, 2016

Any one who does any writing knows the value of proofing a document. Our secretarry is my prroof reader for these emaijls I send out twice a week.

\You would be amazed at how many errors Can be made in a short document like this. I catch most of my errors while I am typing. I might us “control Z” to elimnate the mistake I juus made. Or, sometimes it is the backspace key that allows me to make the correction.

But, today’s email will not go through the proofing process. Neither I, nor helen, will attempt to fix any of the mistakes I make. noe of the mistakes are etintional. I lake to type fast, and eleimnate my mistakes just as fast. But not today.

I think it is important for me to see my documnet with no effort to correct anything. And, I want you to see it too. There is a purpose for this. It serves as an illustration. I don’t know if you ever do much typing or not. I find myself typing every day. But I don’t think much about the mistakes–as long as I correct them very quickly.

The illustrations will be explained in the bocx eblow. It will then be apprerent what my point it.

This is the end of the unproofed docummnent.


The value of proof-reading is apparent from the short document above. I made no attempt to correct anything, even though I knew I had made mistakes.

The purpose of this illustration is to point to what teaches.

“Examine yourselves as to whether you are in the faith. Test yourselves. Do you not know yourselves, that Jesus Christ is in you? –unless indeed you are disqualified.”

Examining ourselves–or testing ourselves–is much like proof-reading. We look at our lives, and wherever we see a mistake, we make a correction. It is as simple as that. Have you done that? Are you continuing to do that?

There is obvious danger if we just go along in life without making corrections. Are we assuming that “God will understand”? When you read the document above, you could probably understand what I wrote, even though it was filled with mistakes. I disregarded all my mistakes, and corrected none. I never intended to correct any!

Have we been so foolish in life? Are we disregarding our mistakes, with no intention of correcting any?

Yes, “God will understand.” He will understand that we think we can live sloppy, undisciplined lives and that it will be OK with Him. He will understand that we really don’t care how we live.

Let us never be so unwise as to presume upon the great and holy God. We must never be so bold as to think it does not matter to Him how we live.

“Examine yourselves…” Do it today, because one day it will be God who does the examination of your life.

Have a good day, all day, my dear friends.

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