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September 9, 2019
It was two years ago this week that we were assessing the damage done to Southeast Texas by Hurricane Harvey.

Harvey was a Category 4 hurricane that made landfall first in parts of the Caribbean, Latin America, and then struck the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coasts. The storm hit Rockport, Texas on August 26, 2017. It’s initial impact carried winds of 130 mph.

After striking land, Harvey’s speed weakened to a crawl as it moved up the coast toward Houston and Beaumont. Moving back over the Gulf of Mexico, it picked up more water and dumped more than 50 inches of rain in our area over the next five days. 

Some of our leaders (deacons, elders and others) at Dowlen Road church organized crews of men and women to assess the damage, and to begin the work of clean up and rebuilding. In our congregation alone, about 50 homes had taken on water. Some had only a few inches of flooding; most had four to six feet of water. 

Brethren came from all over the country to assist us–from at least ten different states. Some could stay only a few days–but the value of their help was beyond measure. Others stayed for weeks; one couple from Washington state stayed for months. We treasure the fellowship and friendship of all those beloved saints of God. 

Additionally, churches and individuals from across America sent funds to help us rebuild. The generosity of God’s people was overwhelming. Christians are the most generous people on earth. 

Our congregation will never forget all the help that was extended to us. We will never cease to be thankful to God for what He did through His people. 

Matthew Bassford (a former member of the Dowlen Road family, now preaching in Columbia, Tennessee) wrote a song for us to commemorate God’s help in our recovery. It is entitled, “Lord, We Come in Celebration.” 

Two weeks ago, our last family that was displaced from their home finally moved back into their residence. It was a time of celebration for them.

It is time now to close the books on Hurricane Harvey–but never the memories. 

In August of 2017 southeast Texas suffered devastating flooding from Hurricane Harvey. The Dowlen Road Church alone had thirty-five families whose homes were destroyed. In the months that followed, our brethren from around world came to our aid. Money was sent; workers came; and prayers were lifted up in our behalf. With the help of our God and His people, our church family is nearing the end of this ordeal. These videos have been put together as a way of expressing our heartfelt gratitude to all of our brethren who have helped in our recovery.

You may download any of the videos above. If you prefer a DVD, please fill out the form below.

PDF of “Lord, We Come In Celebration” Music and Lyrics

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Housing available if needed – Call (409) 866-1996
Friday session 7-9 PM followed by dinner at McAlisters
Saturday sessions 10 AM – 12 PM followed by lunch and activities at 1 PM at Carl Chesser’s place
Sunday Bible Class 9:30 AM
Morning Worship 10:30 AM
Afternoon Worship 4 PM followed by a gathering at Cici’s Pizza

All social events arranged and paid for by individual Christians and are not the work of the church.

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Time Ref
Time Ref
100:02:05Praise The Lord2000:59:07Christ Returneth
200:06:45Alleluia2101:02:10We’re Marching To Zion
300:09:39Jesus, Let Us Come To Know You2201:05:50O Magnify My Master
400:11:50May This My Glory Be2301:08:30Wonderful Love Of Jesus
500:15:48We Wil Glorify2401:10:44Lamb Of God
600:17:52My Eyes Have Seen your Glory2501:15:37I Need Thee Every Hour
700:21:10Glorify Thy Name2601:29:45Savior And Friend
800:24:02The Greatest Commandments270120:55Thomas’ Song
900:27:22I Sing The Mighty Power of God280123:48More Like You
1000:29:35Theres Is A Redeemer2901:26:58How Long Till The Morning?
1100:32:25Let The Whole Creation Cry3001:29:48Healing In Its Wings
1200:35:00The Lord Is My Light3101:32:40Lord, Stand By Me
1300:38:30Saints, Lift Your Voices3201:36:22Blesed Life
1400:40:55On Zion’s Glorious Summit3301:38:55Hear Me, When I Call
1500:44:25Heavenly Sunlight3401:41:45I Will Call Upon The Lord
1600:46:47How Deep The Father’s Love3501:44:00I Close My Eyes
1700:50:34I Am The Way3601:47:52You Are My All In All
1800:53:00In Christ Alone3701:54:15To The Lamb
1900:56:48Christ Lives In Me3801:56:05Our God, He Is Alive

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by Brent Hunter

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